Now gentlemen, pause a moment and take a look at that cumilo nimbus

More cloud stuff…….
I like the develops in cloud computing, certainly from a personal use they open up a whole lot of applications that previously you would have had to install on your PC and probably pay for. There are some really interesting developments in the business world too. A big drawback for us is that most of the services are US based, and in reality network speed becomes an issue. A really great product that has lots of potential is GoGrid which allows you have your own virtual server farm and build virtual servers of different flavours on the fly. Absolutely stunning, I set up a trial account and had Linux Appache server running in 15 minutes. Problem was when trying to remote administer the server the network delay was painful, so painful as to make it unusable. A great concept though and I’ll be keeping an eye on what goes on there.

Back to CCL Learn…..
I used a google docs form and spreadsheet to record staff feedback on the free internet image testing. I used it with tiny url because links to google docs can be a little on the lengthy side.

I have been using Librarything on and off for a while. A couple of months back we looked at the possibility of adding the reviews to the CCL OPAC but costs proved prohibitive. On a personal level I use it with Calibre and my Sony ebook reader. Calibre manages the ebook library and draws in book covers and reviews from LibraryThing.


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