Gadgets and Widgets

To me widgets should be things you add to your web page or blog, I’m a bit nervous about installing something to my desktop so although some of the yahoo widgets look interesting I’ll be steering clear of them for a bit longer. My favourite widget remains the little plastic ball that carries the gas in a can of draft Guiness, but outside of that admittedly high tech but non-digital approach I like the weather widget onmy other blog. The meebo me widget here is pretty nice too.

What Library widgets might work? The University of Auckland catalogue search is ok (trying not to sound jealous) but it would be good if you could customise it with a default search term. The Digital New Zealand search widget has possibilities for this very reason. It could be used in a wiki to give results for set searches (as an aside, and not a widget or gadget but I think google squaredhas potential in this area too.


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